About Us

Vegas Image Parties was established in September 1995 into a partnership of four people, Roger Howeth, Teresa Howeth, Blacky Howeth and Linda Howeth. We started with only a dozen Blackjack tables and now we have 105 Blackjack tables amongst other various games and around 100 slot machines. Our staff consists of about 120 Dealers. All professionally trained, and smile just about all the time.

We are located outside the D.F.W. airport in Euless. We warehouse there and office out of Hurst. Our mobile casino setup crews have years of experience setting up casino parties. The Party Pit bosses are very fun and can answer any questions you might have regarding casino party play.

Being an avid casino connoisseur I, Roger Howeth, frequent a lot of casinos and I’ve learned that this is the only casino where I feel safe and at home.

It just seems that having a casino without the money pressures bearing down on you makes it to where you can just let your hair down and let it all hang out and have a good time. I really enjoy the fact that we can take somebody into this type of atmosphere and let them experience it and let them come away unscathed and very elated! Vegas Image Party dealers are loads of fun, always helpful, and would love to show you how to play any & all of the games. Casino parties are an excellent form of entertainment for all occassions.

600 Trails End Court
Hurst, TX 76054
fax: 817.268.3408

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